Stackable solar support with water ballast for flat surfaces

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Fast installation.

The light weight and two part design make the supports easy to handle and install, saving time.


Without a crane.

Thanks to their light weight, the supports can be carried on stairs or in a lift without needing a crane.


Stackable system.

The two part design and light weight mean the supports can be stacked, so transport and storage can be optimised.



The supports are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), so the supports can be moved easily and conveniently.


Water ballast.
Evaporation study.

Water or any other common material like concrete or sand can be used as ballast for the supports.


Optimising transport.

Transport can be optimised because they are stackable and don’t weight very much. Up to six times more product can be transported.

Forget about supports with concrete ballast forever

No heavy foundations to transport and build, no elements that are hard to handle, no infrastructure or cranes needed.


Product suitable for any flat surface


Installations on roofs and flat domestic surfaces.

Do installations on roofs or flat surfaces of any building or residence.


Installations on roofs and flat industrial surfaces.

Industrial self-consumption at your company thanks to our supports for flat roofs, whatever they’re like.

Utility Scale.

Large scale installations on flat surfaces.

For doing large photovoltaic installations on the ground.

Types of configurations

Our supports can be configured in multiple ways depending on the customer’s needs.


Our supports have the declaration of conformity, where we state that the equipment complies with the requirements of the European Union Directives relating to the marketing of products that apply to it.

In addition, our supports are UV exposure certified, a guarantee that they can withstand continuous exposure to the sun without any problems, ensuring a lifespan of up to 25 years or more.


Unique of its type

The two part design and light weight mean the supports can be stacked and storage can be optimised.


Six times more capacity

Because they’re lightweight and stackable up to six times more supports can be transported than with traditional concrete supports.

Assembly / Installation

We position the supports at a certain distance. We place the connecting pieces on the solar panels and fix them to the landblock supports. We ballast the supports with water or the desired material. We cover the filling hole of the lids if we have ballasted with water.

Position Landblocks.

We put he supports at a specific distance.

Put the connectors on.

Put the connectors on the solar panels and attach the landblock supports.

Use water for ballast.

Use water to ballast the supports If you want to ballast with another material this step should be done before putting the cover on.

Put the cover on.

Close the filling hole.

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