System for stackable floating solar installations that can be deployed quickly

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floating solar system

Lamaru is a floating solar support ideal for all types of installations on sheets of water. The installation of the video, with a power of 30.8kWm, was carried out on a pond in Gizaburuaga for a farmers’ cooperative.



Environmental Advantages.

Prevents 80% of water evaporation, uses unused space to generate clean energy and increases water quality by preventing seaweed.


Optimised Design.

The supports are designed in two parts so we don’t transport air. In addition, the injection moulding method makes it possible to control the thickness of the material to optimise the product.


Easy to Install and Transport.

The light weight, stackability and two part design makes installing and transporting the floating photovoltaic plants easy.


15º Tilt.

Our design with a 15º tilt improves the performance of your installation and can withstand strong gusts of wind.


Optimal Cooling.

Our design lets air flow properly between the panel and the floating system, which means the modules are cooled properly. The panels clean themselves better with rain water.


Anchoring System.

Individual tensions for each end can be compensated with a mobile weight, which ensures the stability of the pond.

Save time on your floating solar installations

The optimised two part design lets you do fast installations on any body of water.


Products designed and produced by Landatu.

Irrigation Ponds.

The perfect self-consumption for your agricultural facility.

This kind of situation is perfect for installing a small (< 200 Kw) floating photovoltaic energy plant.

Lakes and swamps.

Installations connected to the grid.

Thanks to their large size they’re perfect locations for making large (> 1 Mw) floating photovoltaic solar plants that can be connected to the electrical grid.


Pump giga battery.

With this location electricity can be generated during daylight hours and dumped directly to the grid. Furthermore, it can help the dam work like a battery by re-pumping the water poured on it to generate electricity and store it.


Our supports have the declaration of conformity, where we state that the equipment complies with the requirements of the European Union Directives relating to the marketing of products that apply to it.

In addition, our supports are UV exposure certified, a guarantee that they can withstand continuous exposure to the sun without any problems, ensuring a lifespan of up to 25 years or more.

Assembly videos


Optimised design

The two part design and light weight of the supports makes them easy to stack, which optimises transport and storage.


Launch area.

We start by positioning the Lamaru in the assembly area (edge of the water body). Next, the covers are put on the bases and closed with a click. No tools are needed.The main floaters are joined to the panels with connectors to obtain a floating cell and it is joined to the two walkway floaters.

Assembly of the plant half.

Position the cells next to each other and connect them using the lugs on the walkway floaters. Using auxiliary cables, secure the first row and then assemble the remaining rows. Lastly, launch the assembled island part and secure the auxiliary cables.

Continue with assembling the other island.

Using the auxiliary cables, position the second half close to the first half with one operator on the installation. Join the two parts and then put the island in its final position and secure the cables and anchors. Lastly, pull out the cables using a corrugated tube supported on floaters.

Installing Exterior Anchors.

After doing the anchors and while waiting for the concrete anchoring to set, make the concrete counter-weight to install later. Tie down one end of the steel cable with a carabiner to the ring on the exterior anchoring and the other end to the spread-bar of the floating solar plant. Lastly, fasten the ballast to the steel cable with a carabiner.

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