• No, several studies have shown that the water in our supports does not evaporate. Here is a link to a study we have executed.

  • The inside of the support has enough volume to allow the water to freeze and thaw, it can expand without any problems and without damaging the Landblock at any time.

  • The supports weigh 3 kg, the equivalent of 3 milk cartons.

  • Yes, our supports can be ballasted with water, sand, gravel, concrete or any other material of your choice.

  • It has a ballast capacity of 56 liters of water and upto 100kg with other materials (sand, gravel…)

  • In Landatu Solar we have our own software to calculate the ballast, help installers and design the installation to comply with the Eurocode.

  • It can be installed on surfaces with an inclination from 0 to 5º.

  • You don’t need anything, you can install them manually without any tools or machinery.

  • Our supports are designed for installation on flat surfaces and roofs, so if your roof is flat, yes.

  • On our website we have a list of all our distributors.

  • The lifetime of our supports is 25 years.

  • Our supports are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and contain two additives to increase their lifespan; a UV additive and an anti-aging additive.

  • In 1m³ you can fit up to 50 Landblocks.

  • No, we offer guidance and help in the search for installers but we are not in charge of the installation.