Give a second life to your irrigation pond

Thanks to our Lamaru floating supports, you not only get clean energy, but you also improve water quality by avoiding evaporation and the appearance of algae pollutants. In addition, you take advantage of an underutilized area. It’s all advantages, isn’t it?

We develop tailor-made projects


Personalized study.

We execute a personalized study of your project in order to guarantee the success of the installation according to your needs.


Manufacture and supply.

We are committed to manufacture all the material and deliver it in the times established in the project to guarantee a correct execution of the floating plant. For this we rely on the best logistics companies to be able to send our products to any part of the world.


Design and execution.

We take care of everything from the design of your floating solar installation to its commissioning and maintenance.



We take care of your solar plant throughout the life of the project. Our dedicated team and our network of partners allow us to design and execute the different maintenance processes that your floating plant requires to maximize its performance in its 25 years of life.


Legalization and support.

Our team is in charge of obtaining all the required permits and support to ensure the success of your floating solar installation.

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We can give you help in every phase of your project, from technical advice to providing the materials you need for your installation. Just contact us and we’ll help you with what you need.


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