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Consulting, ideation and developing products and solutions that accelerate the energy transition through optimising building elements and bringing value to under-used spaces.


Designed, patented and manufactured by Landatu.


Water ballasted support with different inclinations.

Innovative stackable, modular and easy to deploy system intended for installing photovoltaic plants on flat surfaces.


Floating and anchor system.

Modular, stackable floatation system that lowers costs and installation time and maximises energy production.

We’re enabling and accelerating the energy transition

More efficient, simple and fast solutions.

We lower environmental impact.

We bring value to under-used spaces.


Products designed and produced by Landatu.

Flat Surfaces.

Water ballasted system.

“Optimise and lower your installation costs with our system that is fast and easy to install, transport and store”

Bodies of water.

Floating system.

“Maximise production and lower costs and installation time with our floatation system”

Anchoring system.

Anchors for floating installations.

“Guarantees the stability of the floating system even during changes in water level, wind and waves”

Engineering firms.

We provide support for your projects.

Our technical department will give you personalised solutions for your project, whether it’s public or private.


Tell us about your project and we can give you advice.

At Landatu Solar we provide the help you need for every phase of your project, from technical advice to providing the materials you need.

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We’re committed to the environment

Our mission is to promote the generation of solar energy and become a key player in the energy transition. To achieve that we try to provide the best solutions through actively listening to people involved in the industry, like installers and engineers.

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We can give you help in every phase of your project, from technical advice to providing the materials you need for your installation. Just contact us and we’ll help you with what you need.


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